Diana Of London Absolute Balance Foundation Golden Beige 306 30g

Diana Of London Absolute Balance Foundation Golden Beige 306 30g


  • Flawless coverage
  • Convenient & long wearing
  • Fast drying
  • Liquid to powder foundation

Apply Absolute Balance fluid with a sponge, or dab over the face with the fingertips and blend lightly for a perfectly natural and even finish.

Finish by powdering lightly with absolute stay compact powder to fix the makeup.

Brand: Diana Of London


Diana Of London

Diana Of London brings to you an array of colors & textures, which play a major role in contributing a great variety of quality shades & textures.

For more than 25 years Maxcare international company has been serving millions of satisfied customers across the globe with trendy and colorful cosmetics to enhance their beauty. Established as Maxcare Cosmetics UK Limited in 1991, Maxcare worked its way into many countries and in the year 1993 Maxcare international company L.L.C was formed in Dubai UAE. A strategic location for its growth and development in Middle East, North Africa and Asian regions.

Maxcare has been working for many years in the field of color cosmetics and all of its products are being originated and produced by the largest European manufacturers currently serving the entire cosmetic industry. The world’s best manufacturers, formulators & designers are on board to create a complete range of luxury cosmetics through innovative technology to revolutionize the women of today. We are proud to create millions of satisfied customers and enjoy their continued loyalty to our brands.

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306 Golden Beige


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Flawless coverage, Convenient & long wearing, Fast drying, liquid-to-powder foundation.

  • Ultra light smooth foundation.
  • Protects and regenerates.
  • Keeps skin well moisturized.
  • Brings optimal soft focus effect, perfectly hiding fine lines and imperfections, leaving behind flawless skin.

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